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ADX 2018 Les Femmes Africaines from September, 28th 2018

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this is what to expect for ADX2018

Carolyn Lilly is the founder of Feel the Rhythm Productions.

She is a tireless African dance lover who has been dancing for as long as she remembers, experiencing different types of African dances all over the world. In addition to her passion for dance, she also has a passion to promote African dancers with a soft spot for dances from Francophone countries in West and Central Africa. While living in Paris, she would organise stage performance in Oakland, US for artists such as George Momboye, a reknowned choregrapher from Ivory Coast.

Since moving to London, she has launched an international dance festival showcasing local talents as well as international dancers called ADX (African Dance Explosion).

ADX is a unique festival showcasing and teaching, through various workshops , a wide variety of African dances and techniques from popular dance masters, teachers and choreographers.

This year, ADX 2018 is called « Les femmes africaines ». Carolyn Lilly felt that women are more obscured in Africa yet there are so many strong African women dancers. Therefore, this year, she seized the opportunity to provide an artistic platform where dance could be approached  from a woman’s perspective.

ADX will run from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September 2018.

See flyer below

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ADX 2018 Les Femmes Africaines

ADX 2018 Les Femmes Africaines

ADX 2018 - Program

Carolyn Lilly has invited Aïssata Kouyaté from Guinea who will teaching a traditional Guinean dance workshop.

Sellou Blagone from the Ivory Coast will be teaching a traditional Ivorian dance workshop.

Other dances, which evolved from African sounds and rhythm include Jazz, Afro House, Brazilian Afro Fusion and Umfundalai technique. Dollie Henry, a legend and icon in the UK, will be teaching a jazz dance workshop; Sheila Atta will be teaching Afro House and Adriano Oliviera, Brazilian Afro Fusion. Other teachers, such as Dr C. Kemal Nance Umfundalai of contemporary African Dance will be returning this year and Leonora Stapleton will be teaching the Germany Cunningham Technique of modern contemporary dance.

The festival will take place in Morley College commencing with a show and a taster on Friday 28th September 2018. The workshops, on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September will be held at the Stockwell Branch of Morley College. The show will boast an amazing showcase of various styles of African inspired dances and contemporary dance on stage, also providing a platform for young dancers to showcase themselves. A 2Omn musical tribute will be part from the show in memory of a congolese artist Lolita Badindamana, who was a popular Congolese artist, dancer, musician and Carolyn Lilly's friend,  who passed away this year.

You can buy your full pass online today by clicking on the link below. Special discounts are available for students

Carolyn’s closing words :

« For me dance is life. Everything is dance to me. In all you do, keep dancing ».

Caro Sika with Carolyn Lilly, the founder of Feel the Rhythm Production and ADX

Caro Sika with Carolyn Lilly, the founder of Feel the Rhythm Production and ADX

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