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3 Octobre 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #festival, #music, #artist, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG

The African Salsa Orchestra led by Michel Pinheiro

The African Salsa Orchestra led by Michel Pinheiro

On Monday 24th September, Graphik Vision and Afro Culture had the privilege to attend the 16th Edition of the *London African Music Festival to hear The African Salsa Orchestra led by Beninese trombonist and singer Michel Pinheiro and hjs orchestra composed by international musicians from France, Togo, Cameroon, Cuba and more. We had the pleasure to interview him and get his insight on the African Origins of the Salsa Music.

"Salsa is born from the Africans forced through the Atlantic and their encounter with the slave owners. The drums we played in our convents birthed what we call Afro Cuban music. If it wasn't for the transatlantic slave trade, perhaps it would have been birthed not in Cuba, but in Benin or elsewhere in Africa" Michel Pinheiro.

As an African who had the privilege to be born on the continent, Michel Pinheiro is committed to build this bridge musically between Africa and latin-America as his great grandfather had returned from Brazil, their name Pinheiro being of Portuguese origins. This is an integral reason as to why Cuban musicians are part of the African Salsa Orchestra.

The group was launched in 2014 and their first album was produced in 2017. The musicians met in Paris and since have continued on this journey together touring internationally.

We recommmend to you to join their Facebook Fan page and make sure to see them in a concert near you soon.



*London African Music Festival, founded by Biyi Adepegba, Joyful Noise Productions Co-founder, promotes Black Diaspora Music. It started in 2002 to showcase artists they represented into festivals. They had notorious artists performing throughout the years such as Miriam Makeba, Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide and more....

Watch our video below produced by Graphik Vision for full info.

Video work by Graphik Vision, presented by Caro Sika "The African Salsa Orchestra"

Caro Sika with Michel Pinheiro @Rich Mix London

Caro Sika with Michel Pinheiro @Rich Mix London

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