Saskatoon Producer Eman just produced a debut single for his group members in 2Fly.


"Sensei" has already received airplay in Saskatchewan, Canada and positive reviews from anybody that's heard it. With their own new school Afrobeat vibe, the single creates a new path for Afrobeat musicians to follow. With a mix of Afroswing, Afrobeat and Dancehall elements for the new generation.


Musical expert Noel McKoy says " I really like the way they are implementing oriental musical expressions in their production relating to the title of the song "Sensei". Wolé coming in on the second verse is very smooth".


All of the musicians in the song bring a different vibe to the song and the group itself. Wolé on the second verse is a very talented Afrobeat singer while Zweii and Uadamen come through with sweet Hip Hop Dancehall vibes on the first verse and chorus respectively. Drino on the final verse brings the new UK Afroswing vibe to the song. The mix of genres gives birth to a new type of sound which they've made their own. It should do really well in the charts!!


People are already asking when the next song is out. It seems more hits are definitely on the way from 2Fly productions. 


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