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1980 cult movie Babylon finally got a U.S. release 30 years later!!

14 Mars 2019 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #cinema, #music, #ujamaa, #afroculture, #2019, #ENG, #uk

Brinsley Forde in the 1980 cult reggae movie 'Babylon.'

Brinsley Forde in the 1980 cult reggae movie 'Babylon.'

"For years, it was impossible to get eyeballs on 'Babylon" unless you ponied up for a bootleg — Forde recalls seeing copies “that looked like they were recorded off of fuzzy TVs, going for $400 on eBay.”

But because of both the reggae-soundtrack connection and its revolutionary stance, folks still sought Babylon out wherever they could. After the film finally came out on DVD in England in 2009, a whole other generation caught up with it. Grime musicians started namechecking it; Dizzee Rascal’s “Can’t Tek No More,” which takes it name from part of the toast that Blue delivers during the movie’s climax, enlisted Forde himself to sing the hook rather than merely sampling it. And its gritty, street-level sense of reportage — the way it sometimes makes you forget that you’re not watching a work of fiction — hasn’t lost its sense of urgency. “No one was showing this world on British screens at that time,Forde says. “No one.’" - Source: Rolling Stone

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