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Dolapo is Fine!

27 Décembre 2021 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #ENG, #cinema

We came across this really insightful and well executed short over the weekend,  directed by Ethosheia Hylton and written by Joan Iyiola and Chibundu Onuzo in 2020. Dolapo is a Nigerian student at a British boarding school who hopes for a career in the finance sector. However, her assigned advisor, also Nigerian, advises her to change the nickname she goes by and her natural hair to assimilate and be taken seriously for a pending interview. Dolapo's identity is put in question for the very first time, it seems, and her journey considering change will lead her on the road to self-determination. This short challenges the narrative of assimilation to succeed or reach our goals, we highly recommend it. It is currently available on Netflix. Click below to watch a trailer.

What is Kwanzaa?

As previously mentioned, today is Day 2 of Kwanzaa. Unlike other celebrations over the holidays, Kwanzaa is a non-religious but a cultural celebration. It's a weeklong observerd from 26th December to 1st January of each year. Each day highlights a core principle which is symbolised by lighting a candle. It culminates in gift giving and a big feast. The 7 principles derive from the Swahili languague and honor African heritage. They are inspired by African harvest celebrations such as those of the Ashanti and those of the Zulu. Kwanzaa was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chairman of Africana Studies at California State University, in 1966. He created this holiday in response to the Watt Riots in Los Angeles in 1965 as a way to bring African-Americans together as a community.

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