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La Kaz Kreol et le SACE au Cours Julien, quand l'art et la cuisine fusionne

13 Juillet 2018 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #restaurant, #carosika, #business, #afroculture, #2018, #Kazkreol, #FR

Kaz Kreol au cours Julien à Marseille
Kaz Kreol au cours Julien à Marseille

Kaz Kreol au cours Julien à Marseille

La Kaz Kreol est un nouveau restaurant rapide tropical situé au 10 cours Julien dans le 6ème arrondissement de Marseille sur deux niveaux.

Au rez de chaussée se tient l'espace de restauration. On y trouve des mets tropicaux tels que:

- les Bokit "sandwich guadeloupéen

- des fricassés de chatrou "poulpe avec de la banane plantain 

et bien évidemment le planteur.

Le restaurant est ouvert du lundi au samedi le midi et le soir et un lieu unique à Marseille.

Au premier étage se trouve un espace artistique nommé S.A.C.E (Spirituel-Africain-Caraïbéen-Expression). Celui-ci est dédié à l'art Africain et Caraïbéen, tel que son nom l'indique et est aussi un espace d'expo vente pour des artistes locaux tels que Rhalis Cangou et Ozas 99 Prod.

Le S.A.C.E nous invite à concevoir l'art différemment au quotidien et le à partager avec un large public large.

Pour plus d'infos sur Kaz Kreol, cliquez sur le lien FB ci-dessous:


Toile de Rhalis Cangou à la Kaz Kreol, Cours Julien à Marseille

Toile de Rhalis Cangou à la Kaz Kreol, Cours Julien à Marseille

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Kishem, entrepreneurship at its best!!

5 Juin 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #business, #brand, #carosika, #kids, #ujamaa, #afroculturekidz, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG, #uk

Kiisha and Kemi at Camden Market

Kiisha and Kemi at Camden Market

Kemi and Kiisha, aged 8 and 6 years olds, are just so cool! It's Saturday 2nd June and the girls' brand Kishem (a blend of both of their names) holds a stall at Camden market. On the table, there are numerous gorgeous items so very girly: badges, keyrings, lucky dip sachets, cookies, colouring books.... Kemi is pointing at the illustration of their lead character dressed Wakanda style. I ask her if she watched Black Panther and naturally this 8 year old Tycoon has. Moreover, she has her  own tag line for it "Wakanda rock". I proceed looking at all the items and I am totally in love with them and Kishem's concept.

There is no doubt in my mind that being a little girl again, I would simply love rocking "Kishem style". In fact, all of us ladies present, secretly love all of the characters of Kishem's world and would happily get colouring the pages of the story book there and then. Kishem's oldest sister's favorite is Afia because this character loves science. Unsurprisingly, Kishem's sister loves science herself. And that is the point, that's what we call Positive Representation. These characters in Kishem's storybooks are neither princesses, nor ballerinas. They are powerful, talented, creative, entrepreneurial girls.

- Zhen is a photographer and you get to see her editing in her studio

- Mya is good at cooking

- Kishem loves karate and sports

- Eve is a great swimmer

- Ruby makes jewellery

- Amor loves technology

..... and so on and so forth!!!

These two little girls totally achieved what they set out to do one day of Summer 2016.

"We got the idea to create the Kishem colouring book after asking our mum and dad why there weren't colouring books with all types of children who look like us or our friends in school. Our Dad said "girls problems are meant for solving" (he says that all the time), so we decided to make our own" .... "We wanted the book to have different types of children who are all talented and unique. It was also important to make it more than just a colouring book so after creating and naming each character, we added short stories about them and what they enjoy doing. We think all children have something special about them and we hope this book helps them to realise that they are really cool and that they can do anything".

Two years down the line, Kishem has been able to show their books in UK schools, shipped their books to America, had requests from Africa. I have no doubt Kishem will continue to go from strength to strength. Their multicultural characters offer representation for every girl and ethnic group they represent in our schools nowadays, especially in the UK.

For more info about Kishem or to invite them for a talk at your local school, check their website below....

I wish all the very best to these two precious stars on their Kishem's Journey and have been delighted to meet them. They are greatly inspiring!



Kishem with their mother Blessing

Kishem with their mother Blessing

Kishem with Caro Sika

Kishem with Caro Sika

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Gitas Portal in Hackney for one more week

21 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #fashion, #brand, #business, #ujamaa, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG, #uk

Photo Credit : Afro Culture

Photo Credit : Afro Culture

Situated at 99 Morning Lane, close to the Burberry outlet in Hackney, the Hackney Shop is featuring the Modern African Inspired brand "GITAS PORTALuntil Sunday 27th May 2018. The shop is open everyday from 11 to 8pm with unique pieces to boast and a personal shopping experience.

Established in 2011, GITAS PORTAL embodies confidence and sophistication and caters to women from all walks of life. In keeping with its social responsibility promise, Gitas Portal garments are produced locally to ensure that the working conditions and quality can regularly be monitored.

Gitas Portal's boutique is currently based in Deptford Bridge. Known for its clever use of beautiful Ankara /African wax prints and vibrant colors, reflected in their tagline "Be Bold, Win, Wear Colour", Gitas Portal create pieces that transition well from casual day wear to event wear and has secured a clientele all over London and further afield.

By choosing Hackney as a location for their pop-up store, Mariatu, the brand owner, aimed to come a little closer to their East London customers and to give the brand more exposure. The response has been amazing, her designs and Summer dresses displayed in the shop window have attracted many residents passing by on foot or by car, such as a local dad of a 14 and 16 year old teenage girls who came in to search for sophisticated African attires with a view to encourage his two princesses to embrace their African culture.

In addition, Gitas Portal fans and brand ambassadors, such as Sarah Eckert, close to have practically purchased every single piece of Gitas Portal collections, have been coming in to support and purchase their new Summer pieces:

- The Lauren, in tropical colors, Green Ankara print ( a sell out last year) and a beautiful Red and Black vintage

- The Kelai, in Burgundy and Grey, Pink and Turquoise

- The Lady Seray in bold flower prints, Orange and Blue, earth tones and freedom print

Mariatu talks of these dresses as if they were her babies and she does admit to it jokingly.... "these dresses are named after the daughters I would have had...." - a bold statement as Mariatu is a mother of 5. Traditional names from Sierra Leone, her country of origin, inspire her too.

Summer dresses' prices range from £65 to £100 so you know what to do next .....get your unique piece from Gitas Portal before the sell out!!!

What's next for Gitas Portal?

Gitas Portal is always on the lookout for pop-up stores locations to meet new customers so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions!!!! Gitas Portal will also be travelling this Summer!! Another conquest of the US Market, after Atlanta, it will be New Orleans and New York...

I will be wearing myself their Summer Bomber in the next coming days..... Watch this space!!!

For more 2018 Afro Culture News, www.afroculture.co.uk and check us on Social Media Afro Culture 2018

Gitas Portal in Hackney for one more weekGitas Portal in Hackney for one more week
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