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Why is this Royal Wedding such a game changer?

19 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #society, #afroculture, #2018, #meghanmarkle, #ENG, #uk

Photo credit The Independent

Photo credit The Independent

From the get go, it was a delight to hear that Harry was dating a beautiful young lady who happened to be an accomplished actress. We all remember these two fair headed boys left motherless after the loss they suffered when Princess Diana passed away on the 31st August 1997. Any mother could only wish that they would both be comforted one day by finding true love.

However, what then became quite central to the story was the fact that this beautiful lady was of mixed parentage (Caucasian dad and Afro American mother). To those in doubt as Meghan is very fair and has long straight hair, a quick search on the internet would bring up pictures of Meghan’s mother who is undoubtedly black in every possible way. The question then became: Would Meghan ever be able to marry into the British Royal family knowing that she was from African descent?

As Harry and Meghan’s story unfolded and the proposal took place…. It looked that after all, in addition to welcoming a commoner in the Royal family in the person of Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge and the spouse of Prince William on 29th April 2011, the British Monarchy would once again break convention.

And it was quite understandable, Meghan is a stunningly beautiful and graceful woman. Harry and her seemed madly in love and totally compatible. Somehow, Meghan would fit in….

Now, today was another story… and this Royal Wedding surely was like no other…

What was phenomenal in what we all witnessed is how much Meghan Markle assumed her blackness and became a black symbol; hence, the representation of both English and Afro-American cultures displayed through the preaching and the music repertoire.

In St George's Chapel, at the heart of Windsor Castle and within the sanctuary of the British Monarchy, the oldest establishment of the United Kingdom, Whites and Blacks were both actors and witnesses of the coming together of two worlds. For lack of words, the wedding was described as modern and this was justified in saying that monarchy has a duty to be a link between the past and the present.

Modern!! What an understatement…

This wedding was nothing short of a political statement ……and a radical take on what the world should be like!!

After slavery resurfaced its ugly head in the news last year, The Trump era and his contempt towards Africa and Africans, The Rise of Far Right groups in Europe, The windrush scandal…… how refreshing to witness the respectful and celebrated joining of two worlds…

We take our hat off to Harry but we also acknowledge the endorsement of the Royal family….

Time will tell the impact that this union can have ….. but one thing is absolutely sure…. From today on, any little mixed-raced or black girls, anywhere in Europe and beyond, that will be judged by her looks or insulted because of her ethnicity… to those they will proudly say: Harry married Meghan and she is beautiful…..

Black Representation at the Royal Wedding

Reverend Bishop Michael Curry


Rose Hudson Wilkin - First black female Chaplain to the Queen

Sheku Kanneh Mason


Photo Credit: Nigeria Daily News

Photo Credit: Nigeria Daily News

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Rose Lokissim - An outstanding soldier, a tragic destiny

15 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #blackhistory, #society, #roselokissim, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG, #tchad

Rose Lokissim - An outstanding soldier, a tragic destiny

Rose Lokissim (1955-1986) was one of the first women to become a soldier of the elite in Chad.

Following the taking of power by Habré in June 1982, she joined the opposition.

She was arrested on 14th September 1984 and  incarcerated with political prisoners, being the only woman among sixty men. She would be tortured for eight months and then transferred in a cell reserved for women.

She then decides to record the facts, prisoners, the abuses, writing down the information on various pieces of paper and smuggled outside the prison. She is eventually denounced and again questioned in 1986 for these written evidence. Consequently, on 15 May, she is executed. 

For more info on the facts



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Omoyele Sowore – A New Dawn for Nigeria? #TakeItBack2019

13 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #politics, #sowore, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG, #nigeria

Image sourced from Information Nigeria

Image sourced from Information Nigeria

Fearless, a fighter … recurrent words used to describe Omoyele Sowore, the owner of founder of Sahara Reporters, by the hundreds of Nigerians based in the UK, that came to the University of East London, Water Lane, London on Saturday 12th May to see and hear the Presidential Aspirant for the Nigerian Presidential Election that will take place on 16th February 2019, incidentally on Omoyele Sowore’s birthday. Representatives of the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK at the townhall meeting in London are thirsty for a total turnaround of Nigerian politics and see in him their best candidate and a just man.

Omoyele Sowore started his campaign just over 10 weeks ago and has already completed a 23 day tour of Nigeria, namely #takeitbacktour.


As he arrived in Lagos on 3rd April, he would also be welcomed at the airport by thousands of Nigerians who see him as the incontestable hope to take Nigeria into a new era. It is not surprising when the 2019 line up is, to name but a few, Muhammadu Buhari, incumbent president now aged 76 or Atiku Abubakar, 71 years old.

Nigeria has 40 million youths aspiring for change, opportunities and justice and Omoyele Sowore has a proven trackrecord as a human rights activist.

For more info, see http://www.informationng.com/2015/10/meet-omoyele-sowore-the-founder-of-sahara-reporters-photos

Dr. Gbenga Oduntan, reader in International Commercial Law, at the University of Kent, stated  in his address at the Town Hall Meeting:

  • 62 % of Nigerians live in absolute poverty, that is over 100 million
  • According to Transparency International, 96% of Nigerians mistrust the police and 46% its education system

Omoyele Sowore, in his speech, would refer to Nigeria as “The Federal Republic of all kinds of injustice”

His manifesto is ambitious and would require fresh blood and a change in culture, especially to tackle corruption at the highest level in office for which he proposed to remove immunity for all elected civil servants. Reforming the Civil Service will be key by incentivizing current civil servants close to retirement to leave and be replaced by younger ones accustomed to new technologies.

Switching to Nigeria being an oil and passive economy soon extinct is also paramount to him by reforming agriculture, developing renewable energies sources, especially solar energy. Education and Healthcare would also see the creation of 360,000 jobs, 200 000 posts created for the recruitment of teachers and 160 000 for healthcare practitioners which would absorb the current unemployment of graduates (300,000 are jobless). Raising the minimum wage of the average worker to increase their spending power and boost the local economy are also on the agenda as well as enforcing current legislation to tackle capital flights due to the abuse of expats quota being brought in to work in Nigeria.

Restructuration is on the table as long as the process is consultative and representative of what Nigerians want.  In terms of gender equality, Omoyele Sowore is committed to a fair representation of both men and women in the political life of Nigeria and wants a 50/50 cabinet. He also dares to say that if only women are found competent while constituting the cabinet, he will have a 100% female cabinet ministers.

From a panafrican stance, I was happy to hear that Omoyele Sowore is in favor of the ECOWAS currency and economic integration.

When it comes to his political platform, Omoyele Sowore has promised that he will make no alliance with the current parties tarnished by alleged claims of corruption. He wants to totally breakaway from former politics and the current political culture forcing political aspirants to have a Godfather to enter politics.

This explains the GoFund Campaign he has launched to finance his campaign:



How can Omoyele Sowore win the 2019 election?

Living in the U.S himself, it is clear that Omoyele Sowore sees the Nigerian Diaspora has a powerful ally. In fact, his first act as a president, he wants it to be diaspora voting in their country of residence and no visas required to travel back to their homeland.

To counter attack "the cash for votes" mentality at grassroots level in Nigeria where voters would actually be bribed to vote for a candidate, Omoyole Sowore recognises the influence that the UK diaspora and others have back home as they send their remittance on a monthly basis to support their families. It is key that those on the ground register to vote and hold a PVC card (permanent Voter’s Card). Click the link below for more info:


The solution, as suggested too by Citizen AY, Ayo Ogundimu, one of the organiser for the TownHall meeting in London yesterday “Get your PVC!!!”. Omoyole Sowore, ups it, he suggests that to their next remittance, be attached a request to see their family members PVC card.

There is no doubt that Omoyele Sowore has the support of the majority of the Nigerian diasporas who want a Nigeria where they can invest and retire. He now has 9 months to convince those back home that he is the candidate of the future, of a new dawn for Nigeria.

Pics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the rightPics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the right

Pics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the right

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Louis Delgrès, hero of the fight against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe

10 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par www.afrocultureblog.com Publié dans #blackhistory, #louisdelgrès, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG

Louis Delgrès, hero of the fight against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe


Louis Delgrès, hero of the fight against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe.- Proclamation of 10 may 1802

Louis Delgrès is, according to the most likely hypothesis, the natural son of Elisabeth Morin (known as guiby) and Louis Delgrès White Creole De Saint-Pierre who was the recipient of the King and director of the King's estates in Tobago. He will live with his parents in Martinique and then in Tobago. Louis Delgrès began his military career on 10 November 1783 in the militia, in the colonies. He is soon appointed sergeant, stationed in Martinique. Inspired by revolutionary movements in American colonies, he will assert his anti-slavery and abolitionist opinions throughout his military career.

The Historic and tragic event that will retain the memory of Delgrès is the anti-slavery proclamation signed by his him, dated 10 may 1802, when he is head of resistance against the Richepance's consular troops. , sent by Bonaparte to restore slavery on the island. It is then that he displays on the walls of Basse-Terre, the proclamation:

To the entire universe, the last cry of innocence and despair:

"À l'Univers entier, le dernier cri de l'innocence et du désespoir":



On 20 May 1802, Delgrès and his troops were forced to retreat to the fort of basse-Terre which they then had to abandon on 22 May 1802 (escaping secretly with his men) to take refuge at the foot of la Soufrière in Matouba, towards Saint-Claude.

On 28 May 1802, when they'd lost, Louis Delgrès and his 300 companions committed suicide in their refuge from the habitation house in Matouba, under the revolutionary motto "Living free or dying".



Mémorial Louis Delgrès and the fort named after him in Guadeloupe

Mémorial Louis Delgrès and the fort named after him in Guadeloupe

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10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery

10 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #blackhistory, #society, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG

10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery

May 10 is the "National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery" since 2006, in France.

This day honors the memory of African Slaves and commemorates the abolition of slavery. It also refers to the proclamation of the colonel Delgrès on 10th May 1802, when he was head of the resistance against the Consular troops of the General Richepance, sent by Bonaparte to restore slavery in Guadeloupe. The proclamation would be displayed on the walls of Basse-Terre:

"To the entire universe, the last cry of innocence and despair:" 

This date also marks the day of the unanimous adoption by the Senate, in the second and final reading of the Act of 2001 recognizing slavery as a crime against humanity in France.

And yet,....
........Slavery is still rampant in 2018. The mass of Afro-descendants, throughout the world, was violently confronted, in November 2017, to a practice that has never stopped, although illegal and inhumane, forced on sub-Saharan migrants fleeing austere, fragile, corrupt regimes, devoid of opportunities; or simply deceived in the pursuit of a European ideal maintained by a hegemonic system which devalues and impoverishes the African continent with, too often, the complicity of its elites and leaders. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, everywhere in Europe, outraged by the horror of slavery which persists!!!

These protests have had the merit of awakening our consciences, if nothing more...

For the account of Afro Culture, we chose to partner with Red Entertainment to launch a Song Challenge #iamnot4sale and to organize two artistic events, one in London in February 2018 and a second in Paris, in March 2018, to continue to raise awareness on the plight of sub-Saharan migrants and to raise funds to support actions on the ground in the Gambia for young migrants who experienced hell in Libya through a Partner organisation "Youth against irregular migration" YAIM. We are particularly encouraged by their campaign of prevention in the rural areas of the country sharing their experience to deter the youth from leaving their homeland and encouraging them to invest in developing the economy of their country.

Red Entertainment Ltd, has also facilitated the sponsorship of young returnees from Libya so that they have access to professional training which can lead to an employment or the creation of a small business.

For the International African Holocaust Remembrance Day on Saturday 18th August 2018 in Trafalgar Square, London, the artists S. rise and and the rapper K9, who participated in the Song Challenge #iamnot4sale, will represent  #iamnot4sale Campaign, performing song tracks. African Holocaust Remembrance Day is organised by the founder of "Slavery Remembrance" Shezal Laing.

Let us all continue to denounce the practice of Slavery and honour our ancestors!

For more info,
on the Campaign #iamnot4sale - www.iamnot4sale.org

on YAIM - Https://www.facebook.com/yaimgambia/

on Slavery Remembrance and the African Holocaust Day - www.slaveryremembrance.org

10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery
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7 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #afroculture2018, #carosika, #artist, #music, #ENG, #US

MC SUPERNATURAL, Breakin Convention, Sadler's Wells, Saturday 5th May 2018

MC SUPERNATURAL, Breakin Convention, Sadler's Wells, Saturday 5th May 2018

A message to the young generation of rappers (all genre) from MC Supernatural, also known as the Master of FreeStyle

When MC Supernatural started his journey into rap, he was 14 living in Marion, Indiana. His cousins lived in New York where he spent time from the age of 15 and joined the hip hop movement. At 18, he moved to New York and Washington Square Park became his Scene where he daily displayed his huge talent freestyling, lyricism, presence and battle rapping abilities. He was signed by Sylvia Rhone, the 1st female Black CEO in the American Music Industry at age 19 to the label Elektra Records where he recorded “Natural Disasters” in 1994. In those days, the label had cultural speakers coming at monthly events to allow for the artists’ roots to run deep and gave them a solid foundation. Artists could then live by MC Supernatural slogan “Study your Past, Live in Your Present, Project your music in the Future”. He compares the nourishment the music industry gave back in the days as “a good oatmeal bowl” to the music industry now feeding artists (and the larger public) on “powder milk”.

MC Supernatural, an Afro American of Nigerian Descent always had a clear sense of identity and of his own history and roots. Once in a family gathering, a fellow brother born in Africa challenged his presence as he considered him an outsider. MC supernatural told him to go study and know his history. “Don’t you know that only the strongest Africans made it through the middle passage?” referring to the transatlantic trade. “I am a real African and I am the offspring of the strongest”.

MC Supernatural soon realised that big labels’ visions and his craft were clashing. Rap was not just about making money or living a materialistic life. He would not sell his soul and kept his authenticity. Hence his close working relationships with rappers such as KRS One with whom he produced a number of “off the record” albums. On his journey, Supernatural found that paying homage was important to him and he rooted himself spiritually in ancient traditions. He is a disciple of Ifa, the traditional religion of Yoruba people and finds spirituality an essential part of his life to remain grounded. Being a multi-faceted artist, he has also evolved in visual art and his faith greatly inspires his artwork. You can see pics on his Instragram #MCSupernatural. Go check him out…

This greatly talented artist wants to leave a legacy to the young generation. He wants the young people to be part of the conversation and the narrative for the future of hip hop. The violence plaguing a part of our youth in the UK with knife crime hurts him deeply. Fully aware of the legacy of gansta rap, which depicts a reality of what young Afro-Americans experienced, he believes it has laid a blue print though for the escalation of today’s violence and youth’s relationship with drugs. The community must take action. Yes, artists must tell the truth but they must project their music into the future and consider the impact it has on those coming behind. Does it advocate hate or love, respect and cohesion?

Nowadays, MC Supernatural continues touring the world. His musical tastes are as varied as the people and cultures he has encountered. One of his favorite reggae artist is Capleton. In Afrobeat, he is a great fan of Fela Kuti, of the artist and of the political man and activist and enjoys the sound of the younger generation such as Whizkid and Iyanya with “Holy Water”. Special mention goes to the upcoming hip-hop artist, English Rapper Nadia Rose with “Skwod”.

See below some links to check out in the footsteps of Supernatural:

Sounds of SuperNat at 20 and beyond



Freestyle Supernatural vs Juice


Supernatural & KRS One


Caro Sika talking to MC Supernatural during the Breakin Convention 2018 London

Caro Sika talking to MC Supernatural during the Breakin Convention 2018 London

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