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10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery

10 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #blackhistory, #society, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG

10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery

May 10 is the "National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery" since 2006, in France.

This day honors the memory of African Slaves and commemorates the abolition of slavery. It also refers to the proclamation of the colonel Delgrès on 10th May 1802, when he was head of the resistance against the Consular troops of the General Richepance, sent by Bonaparte to restore slavery in Guadeloupe. The proclamation would be displayed on the walls of Basse-Terre:

"To the entire universe, the last cry of innocence and despair:" 

This date also marks the day of the unanimous adoption by the Senate, in the second and final reading of the Act of 2001 recognizing slavery as a crime against humanity in France.

And yet,....
........Slavery is still rampant in 2018. The mass of Afro-descendants, throughout the world, was violently confronted, in November 2017, to a practice that has never stopped, although illegal and inhumane, forced on sub-Saharan migrants fleeing austere, fragile, corrupt regimes, devoid of opportunities; or simply deceived in the pursuit of a European ideal maintained by a hegemonic system which devalues and impoverishes the African continent with, too often, the complicity of its elites and leaders. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, everywhere in Europe, outraged by the horror of slavery which persists!!!

These protests have had the merit of awakening our consciences, if nothing more...

For the account of Afro Culture, we chose to partner with Red Entertainment to launch a Song Challenge #iamnot4sale and to organize two artistic events, one in London in February 2018 and a second in Paris, in March 2018, to continue to raise awareness on the plight of sub-Saharan migrants and to raise funds to support actions on the ground in the Gambia for young migrants who experienced hell in Libya through a Partner organisation "Youth against irregular migration" YAIM. We are particularly encouraged by their campaign of prevention in the rural areas of the country sharing their experience to deter the youth from leaving their homeland and encouraging them to invest in developing the economy of their country.

Red Entertainment Ltd, has also facilitated the sponsorship of young returnees from Libya so that they have access to professional training which can lead to an employment or the creation of a small business.

For the International African Holocaust Remembrance Day on Saturday 18th August 2018 in Trafalgar Square, London, the artists S. rise and and the rapper K9, who participated in the Song Challenge #iamnot4sale, will represent  #iamnot4sale Campaign, performing song tracks. African Holocaust Remembrance Day is organised by the founder of "Slavery Remembrance" Shezal Laing.

Let us all continue to denounce the practice of Slavery and honour our ancestors!

For more info,
on the Campaign #iamnot4sale - www.iamnot4sale.org

on YAIM - Https://www.facebook.com/yaimgambia/

on Slavery Remembrance and the African Holocaust Day - www.slaveryremembrance.org

10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery10th May - French National Day of the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery
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7 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #afroculture2018, #carosika, #artist, #music, #ENG, #US

MC SUPERNATURAL, Breakin Convention, Sadler's Wells, Saturday 5th May 2018

MC SUPERNATURAL, Breakin Convention, Sadler's Wells, Saturday 5th May 2018

A message to the young generation of rappers (all genre) from MC Supernatural, also known as the Master of FreeStyle

When MC Supernatural started his journey into rap, he was 14 living in Marion, Indiana. His cousins lived in New York where he spent time from the age of 15 and joined the hip hop movement. At 18, he moved to New York and Washington Square Park became his Scene where he daily displayed his huge talent freestyling, lyricism, presence and battle rapping abilities. He was signed by Sylvia Rhone, the 1st female Black CEO in the American Music Industry at age 19 to the label Elektra Records where he recorded “Natural Disasters” in 1994. In those days, the label had cultural speakers coming at monthly events to allow for the artists’ roots to run deep and gave them a solid foundation. Artists could then live by MC Supernatural slogan “Study your Past, Live in Your Present, Project your music in the Future”. He compares the nourishment the music industry gave back in the days as “a good oatmeal bowl” to the music industry now feeding artists (and the larger public) on “powder milk”.

MC Supernatural, an Afro American of Nigerian Descent always had a clear sense of identity and of his own history and roots. Once in a family gathering, a fellow brother born in Africa challenged his presence as he considered him an outsider. MC supernatural told him to go study and know his history. “Don’t you know that only the strongest Africans made it through the middle passage?” referring to the transatlantic trade. “I am a real African and I am the offspring of the strongest”.

MC Supernatural soon realised that big labels’ visions and his craft were clashing. Rap was not just about making money or living a materialistic life. He would not sell his soul and kept his authenticity. Hence his close working relationships with rappers such as KRS One with whom he produced a number of “off the record” albums. On his journey, Supernatural found that paying homage was important to him and he rooted himself spiritually in ancient traditions. He is a disciple of Ifa, the traditional religion of Yoruba people and finds spirituality an essential part of his life to remain grounded. Being a multi-faceted artist, he has also evolved in visual art and his faith greatly inspires his artwork. You can see pics on his Instragram #MCSupernatural. Go check him out…

This greatly talented artist wants to leave a legacy to the young generation. He wants the young people to be part of the conversation and the narrative for the future of hip hop. The violence plaguing a part of our youth in the UK with knife crime hurts him deeply. Fully aware of the legacy of gansta rap, which depicts a reality of what young Afro-Americans experienced, he believes it has laid a blue print though for the escalation of today’s violence and youth’s relationship with drugs. The community must take action. Yes, artists must tell the truth but they must project their music into the future and consider the impact it has on those coming behind. Does it advocate hate or love, respect and cohesion?

Nowadays, MC Supernatural continues touring the world. His musical tastes are as varied as the people and cultures he has encountered. One of his favorite reggae artist is Capleton. In Afrobeat, he is a great fan of Fela Kuti, of the artist and of the political man and activist and enjoys the sound of the younger generation such as Whizkid and Iyanya with “Holy Water”. Special mention goes to the upcoming hip-hop artist, English Rapper Nadia Rose with “Skwod”.

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Caro Sika talking to MC Supernatural during the Breakin Convention 2018 London

Caro Sika talking to MC Supernatural during the Breakin Convention 2018 London

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