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Our new generation of girlpreneurs

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Kemi and Kiisha, founders of Kishem

Kemi and Kiisha, founders of Kishem

Kemi and Kiisha Oguntayo love arts and crafts, baking, playing dress up and reading!  They were 4 and 6 years old when they created the brand Kishem with the support of their parents in Summer 2016. They had the idea to create the Kishem colouring book after asking their mum and dad why there weren't colouring books with all types of children who look like them or their friends in school. Their Dad said "girls, problems are meant for solving" so they decided to try making their own.

"We wanted the book to have different types of children who are all talented and unique. It was also important to make it more than just a colouring book so after creating and naming each character, we added short stories about them, what they enjoy doing and what they aspire to be so that other children reading can get inspired too" say the girlpreneurs.

The characters in Kishem's storybooks are powerful, talented, creative, entrepreneurial girls.

- Zhen is a photographer and you get to see her editing in her studio

- Mya is good at cooking

- Kishem loves karate and sports

- Eve is a great swimmer

- Ruby makes jewellery

- Amor loves technology

..... and so on and so forth!!!

To date, Kishem is well on course. Kemi and Kiisha have been able to show their books in UK schools, shipped their books to America and had requests from Africa. Their multicultural characters offer representation for every girl and ethnic group represented in Western schools nowadays.

Click below to see their interview with Elsa, Afroculturekidz presenter, couple of years back.

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Princess Ademiluyi Ronke, the founder of Africa Fashion Week

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Photo Credit: Allure Vanguard

Photo Credit: Allure Vanguard

Princess Ademiluyi Ronke is the great grand-daughter of the late Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi, the King of the Ife Kingdom, now located in Osun State, Nigeria. She is the owner and founder of the award-winning fashion platform, Africa Fashion Week London and Nigeria. To date, the Fashion Week has gained global recognition and showcased over 1000 African and African inspired designers.

 Princess Ademiluyi Ronke was born in England and is a Law Graduate from Thames Valley University in London. In 2011, she founded Africa Fashion Week London in order to promote African Fashion globally. This year marks 10 years of her showcasing African fashion designers in London. Her Africa Fashion Week London platform is the longest running festival in the UK and Europe that supports and promotes emerging African designers. Under her supervision, organizations like the KwaZulu Natal Fashion Council, The Nigerian Export Promotion Council, The Seychelles Creative Enterprise and The Trade & Investment South Africa have all used the AFWL platform to showcase creative talents from their various countries to the world.

In 2015, she launched Africa Fashion Week Nigeria to provide an African platform to emerging African designers on the continent and give them the opportunity to showcase their collections in Europe, through Africa Fashion Week London.

In 2016 she was made the global and cultural ambassador of the Legacy of the Iconic Queen Moremi. The late ‘Moremi Ajasoro’ is an historical figure of extraordinary dimensions in Ife, who saved her people and heritage from extinction.

Princess Ademiluyi Ronke uses the Queen Moremi Initiative to promote female leadership, mentorship and entrepreneurship programs for young women. She also campaigns against trafficking of young women in Nigeria.

We've had the opportunity to attend Africa Fashion Week London on two occasions. Click on the video below to watch our first experience of Africa Fashion Week London. A real feast for the senses!

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Benson Onyekachi, candidate for Abia State Governorship

21 Novembre 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #politics, #afroculture, #2018, #bensononyekachi, #ENG, #nigeria

Benson Onyekachi, governorship candidate for Abia State, Nigeria

Benson Onyekachi, governorship candidate for Abia State, Nigeria

Benson Onyekachi is a remarkable millennial professional, both pharmacist and a business owner. Although he is the first to acknowledge the high calibre of governors of Abia State in the last decades, he also observes that very little development has taken place. Competencies are key but so is good character and a real compassionate leadership to ensure that the needs of the locals are catered for and top priority.

« Abia State has had heavy weights since 1999, highly qualified people elected governors, however there has been no development » says Benson Onyekachi.   

Furthermore, he would add « Abia State has the resources, all we need is good people to lead. It’s not rocket science to fix Abia. We have had bigwigs since the creation of Abia State yet we’ve had zero development. We are the poorest in terms of infrastructure. Some of the bigwigs contesting next year have individual capacities to build industries and create jobs but they are not doing so. What does that tell us? Are they coming to steal their share of the National cake just like the past leaders? »

See below his proposed mandate for Abia State

1st Point:

Our Mandate : Data Capacity Building

We will begin building data capacity within the first 15 working days in office.

Given that data is paramount in the 21st century, it's usefulness as a tool in governance cannot be overemphasised.

Firstly, we will collate data on Abia's total population then categorise according to gender, age, location and other factors. Firstly, we will collate data on Abia’s total population then categorise according to gender, age, location and other factors.

This will enable communities to get their fair share of allocations(federal and Internally generated revenue)

Furthermore, these data will help investors in their decision making concerning where to build factories, offices and stores. This will create more accessible employment opportunities

Developers will also use the data in determining where to build new homes and which neighbourhoods to revamp.

Every local government in Abia State and security agencies will also use the data for public safety and emergency preparedness such as disaster-evacuation procedures, policing etc

Abia residents will benefit from data collation and accessible database in supporting community initiatives.

During our term , we will ensure that every birth, death , cause of death , missing persons data are reported and recorded.

All medical/healthcare centres must have accessible medical records. It will be good practice and subsequently a legal requirement to have digital records. This will help enhance our health system and promote life expectancy rate of Abians.

We can assure you that we will strictly protect personal information as part of this development.

In the next coming weeks, we will publish the next 5 points of the manifesto including:

- Health

- Agriculture

- Education

- Transport

- Sports and Recreation

For more info and to follow Benson Onyekachi's campaign, please click the link below and suscribe to his Facebook Page or on Insta @benson_onyekachi.

Benson Onyekachi, candidate for Abia State Governorship

KOWA Party

KOWA was registered as a political party on July 16, 2009, by a group of Nigerian Civil Society activists, professionals and technocrats.

The founding members of KOWA Party consist of men and women of integrity who wish to contribute to making Nigeria a country where there is economic justice, political sanity, peace, stability, human development and social progress; a country governed in the best interest of the majority who are at present, mostly poor, struggling people, as opposed to the current situation in which there is gross economic injustice and a wide gap between the rich and the poor.

We are mostly political activists, professionals and politicians who did not find a level playing ground in the god-father-dominated political parties. This means that we are not the typical, conventional, rotten politicians' clique.

And that is indeed good news, Benson Onykachi puts it this way "Old ways won't open new doors"

Will you vote for the same parties that have enslaved us for decades?

If the answer is no, VOTE BENSON ONYEKACHI on 28th February 2019!!!

In conclusion, when asked about his overall vision, this is what Benson Onyekachi had to say: "Our Mandate is to launch Abia State to global prominence through massive investment in human capital development, infrastructure and technology".


Caro Sika with Benson Onyekachi

Caro Sika with Benson Onyekachi

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Leah Sharibu, adolescente nigérianne de 15 ans toujours entre les mains de Boko Haram!!

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Leah Sharibu, adolescente nigérianne de 15 ans, prisonnière de Boko Haram

Leah Sharibu, adolescente nigérianne de 15 ans, prisonnière de Boko Haram

Leah Sharibu, une adolescente nigérianne de 15 ans, était parmi les 119 étudiantes capturées par Boko Haram du collège "Science Technical College" à Dachpim dans l'état de Yobe au Nigéria en février 2018.

Toutes les filles ont été éventuellement relachées, à l'exception de 5 mortes en détention et Leah Sharibu, retenue par le groupe extremiste Boko Haram par refus d'obtempérer et de renoncer à sa foi chrétienne.

La Grande Bretagne a promis son soutien au gouvernement nigérian pour que Leah soit libérée.

Voir vidéo en anglais ci-dessous pour plus d'infos!!

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Omoyele Sowore – A New Dawn for Nigeria? #TakeItBack2019

13 Mai 2018 , Rédigé par Caro Sika Publié dans #carosika, #politics, #sowore, #afroculture, #2018, #ENG, #nigeria

Image sourced from Information Nigeria

Image sourced from Information Nigeria

Fearless, a fighter … recurrent words used to describe Omoyele Sowore, the owner of founder of Sahara Reporters, by the hundreds of Nigerians based in the UK, that came to the University of East London, Water Lane, London on Saturday 12th May to see and hear the Presidential Aspirant for the Nigerian Presidential Election that will take place on 16th February 2019, incidentally on Omoyele Sowore’s birthday. Representatives of the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK at the townhall meeting in London are thirsty for a total turnaround of Nigerian politics and see in him their best candidate and a just man.

Omoyele Sowore started his campaign just over 10 weeks ago and has already completed a 23 day tour of Nigeria, namely #takeitbacktour.


As he arrived in Lagos on 3rd April, he would also be welcomed at the airport by thousands of Nigerians who see him as the incontestable hope to take Nigeria into a new era. It is not surprising when the 2019 line up is, to name but a few, Muhammadu Buhari, incumbent president now aged 76 or Atiku Abubakar, 71 years old.

Nigeria has 40 million youths aspiring for change, opportunities and justice and Omoyele Sowore has a proven trackrecord as a human rights activist.

For more info, see http://www.informationng.com/2015/10/meet-omoyele-sowore-the-founder-of-sahara-reporters-photos

Dr. Gbenga Oduntan, reader in International Commercial Law, at the University of Kent, stated  in his address at the Town Hall Meeting:

  • 62 % of Nigerians live in absolute poverty, that is over 100 million
  • According to Transparency International, 96% of Nigerians mistrust the police and 46% its education system

Omoyele Sowore, in his speech, would refer to Nigeria as “The Federal Republic of all kinds of injustice”

His manifesto is ambitious and would require fresh blood and a change in culture, especially to tackle corruption at the highest level in office for which he proposed to remove immunity for all elected civil servants. Reforming the Civil Service will be key by incentivizing current civil servants close to retirement to leave and be replaced by younger ones accustomed to new technologies.

Switching to Nigeria being an oil and passive economy soon extinct is also paramount to him by reforming agriculture, developing renewable energies sources, especially solar energy. Education and Healthcare would also see the creation of 360,000 jobs, 200 000 posts created for the recruitment of teachers and 160 000 for healthcare practitioners which would absorb the current unemployment of graduates (300,000 are jobless). Raising the minimum wage of the average worker to increase their spending power and boost the local economy are also on the agenda as well as enforcing current legislation to tackle capital flights due to the abuse of expats quota being brought in to work in Nigeria.

Restructuration is on the table as long as the process is consultative and representative of what Nigerians want.  In terms of gender equality, Omoyele Sowore is committed to a fair representation of both men and women in the political life of Nigeria and wants a 50/50 cabinet. He also dares to say that if only women are found competent while constituting the cabinet, he will have a 100% female cabinet ministers.

From a panafrican stance, I was happy to hear that Omoyele Sowore is in favor of the ECOWAS currency and economic integration.

When it comes to his political platform, Omoyele Sowore has promised that he will make no alliance with the current parties tarnished by alleged claims of corruption. He wants to totally breakaway from former politics and the current political culture forcing political aspirants to have a Godfather to enter politics.

This explains the GoFund Campaign he has launched to finance his campaign:



How can Omoyele Sowore win the 2019 election?

Living in the U.S himself, it is clear that Omoyele Sowore sees the Nigerian Diaspora has a powerful ally. In fact, his first act as a president, he wants it to be diaspora voting in their country of residence and no visas required to travel back to their homeland.

To counter attack "the cash for votes" mentality at grassroots level in Nigeria where voters would actually be bribed to vote for a candidate, Omoyole Sowore recognises the influence that the UK diaspora and others have back home as they send their remittance on a monthly basis to support their families. It is key that those on the ground register to vote and hold a PVC card (permanent Voter’s Card). Click the link below for more info:


The solution, as suggested too by Citizen AY, Ayo Ogundimu, one of the organiser for the TownHall meeting in London yesterday “Get your PVC!!!”. Omoyole Sowore, ups it, he suggests that to their next remittance, be attached a request to see their family members PVC card.

There is no doubt that Omoyele Sowore has the support of the majority of the Nigerian diasporas who want a Nigeria where they can invest and retire. He now has 9 months to convince those back home that he is the candidate of the future, of a new dawn for Nigeria.

Pics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the rightPics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the right

Pics taken on the go with Ayo Ogundimo on the left and Caro Sika on the right

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