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Photo Credit @ericlaforg

Photo Credit @ericlaforg

The Turkana are found in the Northern part of Kenya. Turkana tribe is part of the Nilotic tribes and constitutes the second largest pastoralist community after the Maasai

Like the Maasai, the Turkana have maintained a traditional lifestyle.

The community is clustered in over 20 clans. The two dominant are the Ngirisai referring to the Leopard and Ngimor referring to the Stones. In this system, successive generation of males alternate between being part of the Ngirisai or the Ngimor groups.

Wives of the Ngimor put on a Black wedding ring around their neck whilst the wives from the Ngirisai clan put on a silver ring around their neck. It is the official symbol of marriage. A middle finger ring is also worn. Women automatically belong to the age set of their fathers until they marry and then take their husbands grouping. The quantity of the Jewellery around a woman’s neck determine her social status.

The turkana males do not practise male circumcision.

A Turkana boy looks after young goats. At the age of 11, he starts looking after mature goats and as he grows, he is entrusted with cows, camels and sheep. Between 16 to 20 years old, he is allowed to attend the night dance with his friends and look out for a suitable girl to start a family.

The woman remains the pillar in Turkana family. She’s responsible for building the house, tendering to the animals and provide food for her husband.

The bride price is very high in Turkana society. When a man is ready to marry, his parents visit the bride’s parents with gifts such as sheep, sugar and tobacco. Once the marriage is consented, the number of animals to be brought is agreed upon. Bride price could amount from 10 to 30 cows if the man is wealthy. Goats could amount up to 100 heads or more. A bull is later slaughtered to seal the marriage.

Polygamy is acceptable in Turkana culture and a man can marry as many wives as long as he can afford to pay the bride’s price and sustain them. The more the livestock, the more cumbersome it is for one wife to tend them so the husband has to look for another or other wives to delegate duties. The first wife is consulted and has to approve.

The youngest wife will be looked after by the husband’s eldest son. She cannot leave the homestead because she may be exploited for her wealth. It is the duty of the eldest wife to instruct her firstborn son to marry the younges wife.

Divorce doesn’t exist in Turkana’s vocabulary as it is considered a curse. It is forbidden because no family will trust a divorcee with their daughter. Divorce is only allowed if the woman is proved to be adulterous or has bad manners that dispute the norms of the community.

Men flirting with other men’s wives will also suffer the full wrath of the Council of Elders. For instance, his animals can be confiscated or he can be fined by the Council of Elders. A bull will be slaughtered as a cleansing ritual. One may be asked to repay the dowry price.

Once a married woman becomes a widow, she shaves her hair and removes all of her jewellery. This signifies that she burries her husband’s tradition to be allowed to remarry.

Source : KTN News Kenya

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We're holding a press conference outside the Mayor's Office

City Hall 
The Queen's Walk

at 10am on Monday 24th February 2020

to read a letter officially drafted by ADPAC (African Diaspora Political Action Committee) to demand the resources for Sankofa Day in Trafalgar Square in order to observe our ancestors.

We are representing 2 Million African Diasporan Londoners and our right to our equal share of London resources as tax payers and as so demand the allotted resources to observe the African holocaust and celebrate our ancestors.

We are inviting African Caribbean press outlets going across TV, online, print and radio.

This is an issue for the entire London African Caribbean community to get behind. We will represent our case based on the African Caribbean economic and civil contribution that we make towards London and on that basis demand our proportional share of resources.

#SankofaDay #ADPAC #DemandParity

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Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!

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Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!
Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!

How impressive!!! Ten men of African and Caribbean descent, embark on a 3 day bike ride London to Paris, led by Captain Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha, with the participation of Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa and Pablo Reid who are the co- founding members of Origin and 7 Origin facilitators and volunteers, departing from London in the early hours of the morning on Friday 31st May to reach Paris on Sunday morning.

continue reading on for more info

Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!

In addition to fundraising for the program « Origin », they will also pay tribute to the late American professional cyclist Martial Walter know as « Major » Taylor, who won the sprint event at the 1899 world track championships to become the first African American to achieve the level of cycling world champion and the second black athlete to win a world championship in any sport. He raced in the U.S., Europe and Australasia between 1901 and 1904, beating the world's best riders and competed several times in the « Parc des Princes », Paris. Taylor fought racial prejudice he encountered on and off the track and became a pioneering role model for other athletes facing racial discrimination.

continue reading on for more info

Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!

« When the idea of London to Paris on a bike first came-up, I remember thinking... “damn crazy” but what I actually said was “...how about Brighton?” shared Pablo Reid on his Facebook account. Pablo Reid has got many « strings to his bow » and an impressive resume as the founder of British Cultural Archives in Brixton and as co-founder of the project Origin for which the bike ride aims to raise £6,000 and, to this day, has already exceeded its target.


But as Pablo explains « The whole cycling initiative started to become much more than a fundraiser […..] I started to see an opportunity to journey with the ORIGIN men, through a seriously challenging ordeal. Then I saw the question of ‘talking the talk’ or ‘walking the walk’? You know, we often say that we want young people to broaden their horizons and to come out of their comfort zones but how often do we demonstrate this in our own lives? »


And these men have consistently aimed to be a source of inspiration and strength to the younger generation through the Origin Project which came into being in 1999. Last year, for instance, they also succeeded in raising £13,000 against the initial target of £6,000 as they fought in « a white collar boxing » competition for which they trained for 6 months, all for the benefit of the many young men’s lives they are empowering through Origin, a Pan-Afrikan « Rites of Passage » program to take young African and Caribbean boys from childhood into manhood.

continue reading on for more info

Origin Men take on a 3 day bike ride from London to Paris!!

As these courageous and connected men engage with the young people as mentors, older brothers, fathers, they create an ecosystem involving parents and communities. The program is holistic and aim to create a nurturing, stimulating and safe environnement where both children and parents feel supported through life challenges. Origin promotes African ancestry and heritage consciousness, identity formation and community belonging. Origin doesn’t want to plug into the whole « Black youth in deficit » narrative but encourages both youth and parents to embrace personal development, explore themselves, their aspirations, lives and roles.


Boys preparing to pass into manhood and below Origin co-founders Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa on the left, Pablo Reid in the middle and  Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha on the right
Boys preparing to pass into manhood and below Origin co-founders Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa on the left, Pablo Reid in the middle and  Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha on the right

Boys preparing to pass into manhood and below Origin co-founders Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa on the left, Pablo Reid in the middle and Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha on the right

To play your part and support Origin now, click the link below:

To follow their progress and itinerary, suscribe to their blog.

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AMANI - the TRUE story of a knife crime survivor on a quest to empower 2 MILLION YOUNG PEOPLE!

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‘AMANI’ is a short inspirational film, starring Joivan Wade, Leroy Logan MBE and Duayne Boachie, based on the true inner reflections of Amani Simpson, producer and co-writer, after he was stabbed 7 times. This powerful autobiographical piece takes the the audience on a rollercoaster journey of faith and self-discovery. 

AMANI    SIMPSON  has    already    been    featured    on    BBC    London    News,    ITV    News,    London    Live    &    in    the    Evening    Standard.   After    battling    PTSD, he  has    rebuilt    his    life    through    social    enterprise    and    personal    development    over    the    last    7    years.    He    is    on    a    mission    to    EMPOWER    2    MILLION    YOUNG    PEOPLE    to    make    positive    choices    and    aspire    higher    before    it’s    too    late.    He    plans    to    take    the    film    and    empowerment    workshops    into    schools,    prisons,    YOS    and    PRU’s    from    March    2019.    

AMANI was released online on Sunday 13th January 2019 and reached over 1 million views in less than a month. 
What the press is saying:


As    well    as    raising    awareness    of    the    project,    Amani    &    Aviard   Inspires    are    also    seeking    public    donations    towards    their    £35K  GofundMe Campaign:    see link below

Other info

 Starring:    Joivan    Wade    (The    First    Purge,    Shiro’s    Story),    Leroy    Logan    MBE    (Former    Superintendent    of    the    Police)    &    Duayne    Boachie    (Hollyoaks)    
Directed    by:    Richard    Kattah    of    Little    Drops    Productions    (Timelin3,    To    The    Power    Of    Ten) 

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To join the movement and more info www.iamnot4sale.org

#iamnot4sale is a platform for raising awareness of the plight of African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya, which was launched in January 2018. Fundraising events are staged and Tshirts are on sale to raise money for those who have been directly affected. Artists are encouraged to join the movement and sing against slavery with initiatives like the #iamnot4sale Song Challenge.

#iamnot4sale also proactively works to prevent migrants from using the illegal route to Libya known as the “backway”, by supporting initiatives on the ground. The first initiatives are in Gambia, where they have partnered with organisations preventing young people from undertaking this journey to Hell and supporting returnees’ reintegration into their communities.

To support the campaign and buy your #iamnot4sale Tshirt, click website link below:

Read on for more info and pics!!

#iamnot4sale movement in the Gambia
#iamnot4sale movement in the Gambia

#iamnot4sale movement in the Gambia

Leading artists behind #iamnot4sale
Leading artists behind #iamnot4sale
Leading artists behind #iamnot4sale

Leading artists behind #iamnot4sale

#iamnot4sale at Heirborn Legacy!!

#iamnot4sale at Heirborn Legacy!!

Gambian artists supporting #iamnot4sale

Gambian artists supporting #iamnot4sale

#iamnot4sale fundraising events in London and Paris#iamnot4sale fundraising events in London and Paris

#iamnot4sale fundraising events in London and Paris

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African Holocaust Day - Educate, celebrate and inspire !!

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Shezal Laing, Director and Founder of Slavery Remembrance and My Tribe

Shezal Laing, Director and Founder of Slavery Remembrance and My Tribe

The Founder of Slavery Remembrance - Shezal Laing

Shezal Laing is a trailblazer. She’s just the type of person that would make things happen if she has set her mind on it.

She would say of herself that she wants to be happy with the world as it is but with the current knowledge she has, it has been impossible for her…Nevertheless, she sets out to do something about it …. Not just for her but as a mother of 2 sons of Caribbean and African origins, she wants to set « a path as clear and easy as possible for them and fight as many battles as possible while alive so they don't have to ».

In 2016, what Shezal qualified as being in a horrible place near a breakdown, was actually in hindsight, her springboard into championning the Slavery Remembrance Day in London. While spending time in Jamaica to recuperate from a very stressful work situation, it was while discussing with her children’s grandmother about the lack of visibility and initiatives around the International Slavery Remembrance Day promoted by the UNESCO that the spark came on and she simply decided to do something about it. She observed that the Jewish Holocaust Day was widely accepted while the International Slavery Remembrance Day was receiving very little or no recognition whatsoever.

« I will do something. I will hold a memorial to recognise this day » she decided from then on

And so after incorporating Slavery Remembrance as a company, immediately upon her return from Jamaica, she birthed the African Holocaust Day the very same year and made history by holding the first ever memorial in Trafalgar Square London. She still remembers, baby on her back, welcoming contractors by herself in the morning as they started putting out the barriers. She litterately started on her own.

Slavery Remembrance Day, now African Holocaust Day

The first memorial was a resounding success centered around « educating, celebrating and inspiring » all from African, Caribbean descents and beyond to learn from the past and be empowered to have a common vision for change and success !! The Sankofa Badge, which is also the logo of Slavery Remembrance, embodies our past and heritage as the African diasporas, and represents the foundation to lay down and the stepping stone it provides on our way to achieving in the world we live in as a cultural entity, an economic force and a united people.

And fostering unity, celebrating black history and black culture is at the heart of the initiative which is self-sustained. Slavery Remembrance is more than just a memorial and much more happens throughout the year, also through its sister’s company « My Tribe » which aims at connecting diasporas and supporting black businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations. Shezal also observes that the memorial triggers many different responses within the afro-caribbean communities from anger, guilt, denial. « the memorial  has really changed my understanding of where our biggest battle is….. It has opened my eyes to so many mindsets and the need for a collective understanding of what happened. Some are still traumatised by it. Honoring and remembering our ancestors is like a counselling session. People are coming to terms with it, it is a gradual process ».

The Sankofa

The Sankofa, which is also the logo of Slavery Remembrance, embodies our past and heritage as the African diasporas, and represents the foundation to lay down and the stepping stone it provides on our way to achieving in the world we live in as a cultural entity, an economic force and a united people.

African Holocaust Day - Educate, celebrate and inspire !!

The next African Holocaust memorial will be held on Saturday 18th August 2018 in Trafalgar Square.

As a small grass root organisation community leader and director, Shezal Laing encourages all of us to step up and share the load. Every job description is needed from admin, bid writing, web content, PR, marketing and more. You can support and contribute in many ways from volunteering on the day and throughout a year, as well as financially by buying a badge or more.

Shezal’s last word « come and enjoy the day, share the event, share the news. »

See Teaser and link of the event below to share extensively!


Caro Sika and Shezal Laing

Caro Sika and Shezal Laing

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Are all French citizens in 2018 treated alike as suggests French Ambassador to the U.S ?

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Trevor Noah, South African Comedian and Political commentator, faced the wrath of French nationals and government following his remark that "Africa won the world cup". Serge Araud, French Ambassador to the U.S., argued that all of the French National players, except for two, were all from French descent (that is ... they were born in France, schooled in France, etc...) and were not Africans... He claimed that France was a diverse country considering all its citizens regardless of their origins alike.

Well, let's hear how French institutions regard some of their Afro-descendants nationals from the horse's mouth itself?

The Carnaval of Dunkerque in the North of France in March 2018, supported by the Mayor of the town, dismissed the request of many black organisations who felt that the representation of "the ball of the blacks" using black faces was offensive to Afro descendants, and didn't want this parade and tradition to be upheld by French institutions.

How does the French Federation of Football deal with offensive behaviours from French footballers on the question of race? That was Antoine Griezmann, by the way, who did apologize realizing that it was inappropriate..

Is French Police treating Black youth alike or was this an isolated incident?

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The new book of the Pan African activist and Beninese author Kemi Seba

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The new book of the Pan African activist and Beninese author Kemi Seba

Saturday, June 30, 2018, Kemi Seba was holding his book signing, following the release of his new book "L'Afrique Libre ou la Mort - A Free Africa or death" at Moussa L'africain, a restaurant located in the heart of Paris, near les Halles. " During 3 hours, a constant parade of supporters came to buy their copy of the book, sometimes two or three, from a big brother and a world icon against the oppression of afro-descendants and campaigning for the sovereignty of Africa. In the greatest calm and respect, the session was punctuated by embraces and words of encouragement, in order to provide practical support to the activist and author Kemi Seba. In two hours, more than 500 books were sold.

Keep reading below for our review of Kemi Seba's book

Queue for booksigning of Kemi Seba on Saturday 30th June in ParisQueue for booksigning of Kemi Seba on Saturday 30th June in ParisQueue for booksigning of Kemi Seba on Saturday 30th June in Paris

Queue for booksigning of Kemi Seba on Saturday 30th June in Paris

The book

"L'Afrique Libre ou la Mort" awakens us to the resurgence of a pan-African movement in the 21st century embodied by Kemi Seba. This fight is part of the continuity of the mission of our ancestors who fought for the sovereignty of Africa in order to, as will tell the author, "regain our former nobility".

The resonance of the title to the slogan of Thomas Sankara, Pan-African resistance icon of the 1980s "La Patrie ou la Mort, nous vaincrons - the fatherland or death, we will overcome" and the choice of the cover of the book in front of the tomb of the latter in the cemetery of Dagnoen in Burkina Faso are full of symbolism and bearers of hope.

The Pan-African mission for the liberation and self-determination of our people is still to be written and its enemies since the pseudo-independances of Africa, especially in the francophone zone,  have since sophisticated their systems of impoverishment of Africa and its people all over the world.

"A Free Africa or death", therefore, retraces the geopolitical struggle of Kemi Seba and his NGO "Urgences Panafricanistes" and their legitimacy and relevance in an era where neocolonialism has transferred to ultraliberal globalism. As a result, Kemi Seba has surrounded himself with many like-minded international figures who, like him, oppose predatory exogenous forces of the 21st century, including seven men that he carefully selected to preface his book, namely:

Biram Dah Abeid, the Mauritanian politician, anti-slavery leading figure in Mauritania and in the Arab world. Jailed several times, he received in 2013 the Human Rights Prize of the United Nations.

Alexandre Douguine, Russian geopolitician, philosopher, anti-imperialist, strategic advisor of the Duma (Russian Parliament) and the Military Academy in Moscow. He is considered the most influential Russian ideologue.

Elie Domota, Guadeloupean revolutionary, trade unionist, independence activist, spokesman for the LKP (Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon, meaning together against the Protifasion in French and general Secretary of the UGTG (General Union of the workers of Guadeloupe).

Pedro Biscay, Argentinian lawyer who specializes in economic crime. Peronist activist advocating the Tricontinental alliance, he was for many years the Director of the Central Bank of Argentina. He is the founder of the Centre for research and prevention of economic crime.

Djimon Hounsou, Hollywood Beninese actor, known for his roles, such as in Gladiator, Amistad, Blood Diamond. He is about to release a film about King Behanzin, and a documentary about Vodoun.

Ganiou Soglo, Minister of Culture in Benin from 2008 to 2011 and son of the former President of the Republic of Benin, Nicéphore Soglo. He is considered to be the pygmalion of Beninese cultural life.

Nicolas Anelka, non-conformist and icon in the French suburbs, international footballer and manager who played for PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Continue to read the review of the book below and access the links to order your copy of the book online (your English copy will be available in the next coming months):

Some contributors to the preface of Kemi Seba's book

Some contributors to the preface of Kemi Seba's book

In this work, succeeding 3 essays on neocolonialism (Supra Négritude in 2013, Black Nihilism in 2014 and Obscure Epoque in 2016), Kemi Seba provides a framework and reading grid for young Africans and afro-descendants, as well as to future generations, in a plain language to allow them to decrypt the systemic oppression they face and to encourage them to active citizenship, true to his slogan "what African elites do not do for the people, the people will do it themselves".

Kemi Seba's experience on the ground as the president of the NGO Urgences Panafricanistes allowed him to theorize a struggle that is adapted to the realities of this century and which can serve as a guide to any Pan-African resistance movement. According to Kemi Seba, where the African intelligentsia has missed the boat in theorizing in the comfort of their office, formatted in the schools of colonists and failing to link the practice to the theory, " A free Africa or death is in no doubt, the  most important book of their political journey and especially a reflective guide for the new generation of Pan-Africanists, far from the theorists who have never experienced the struggle they champion from their keyboards". "L'Afrique libre ou la mort" is published by New African Cultures Editions and for sale on Amazon, Price Minister and FIAT LUX EDITIONS.

See the links below to order your copy of the book and to follow Kemi Seba on social networks:

Photo sourced from the internet

Photo sourced from the internet

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LIVE FREE OR DIE!! From Pointe à Pitre, to Unesco and beyond...

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Presentation of Vivre Libre ou Mourir at UNESCO on 8th June 2018

Presentation of Vivre Libre ou Mourir at UNESCO on 8th June 2018

On the 8th June 2018 at Unesco in partnership with its « Slave Route » project, the founders of the "Vivre Libre ou Mourir" initiative, namely Shuck One from Guadeloupe and Emily Gonneau, French-British, representing Unicum Music, launched  the first ever vinyl album connected to an app (out since the 27th May 2018) dedicated to the memory of the translatlantic slave trade.

The vynil is linked to Shuck One’s visual art installation "L"histoire en marche - History Marching" and composer Maxime Lenik’s sound illustration of it. The work of art was commissioned by the French State and is part of the permanent collection at the Memorial ACTe in Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe.

Thanks to the vynil, many more will now be able to remotely explore the work exposed wherever they are on the planet. The vinyl is like any other vinyl that you play on a standard turntable, yet when you scan it with a smartphone (even through the album cover) it uses NFC technology to connect you to a platform hosting :

- the tracks on the vinyl as well as bonus featuring Lilian Thuram

- the biographies of the Shuck One and Maxime Lenik, the art installation’s co-creators

- videos about Shuck One’s 'History in the making'  

- content provided by UNESCO from its « Slave Route » project

- updates and news on the topic concerning the duty of memory of the transatlantic slave trade

In order for the user’s experience of the project may happen over a long period of time, new content will progressively be uploaded onto the app on a monthly basis, such as :

 - educational videos

- videos exploring the creative process

- interviews with personalities about the importance of the Transatlantic Slave Trade’s impact on our collective memory today and beyond

- presentation of the tools and material used to compose

Continue to read for more info on the project "Vivre Libre ou Mourir"

From the top, Shuck One and its installation at the Memorial ACTe; below Emily Gonneau of Unicum
From the top, Shuck One and its installation at the Memorial ACTe; below Emily Gonneau of Unicum

From the top, Shuck One and its installation at the Memorial ACTe; below Emily Gonneau of Unicum

How did it all begin?

It all started in 2015 when Shuck One, a visual and street art artist was commissionned to create a visual installation for the Memorial ACTe in Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe called "L'Histoire en Marche".

This fine arts project pays hommage to the fight for Freedom against Napoleon Bonaparte's troops which came to Guadeloupe to reestablish slavery in 1801, initiated and led by Joseph Ignace and Louis Delgres. It is a contemporary reflection of the 21st century concerning a page of History which is still being written today through ongoing research for which perception must continue to contribute to the collective conscience.

It consists in a composition in volume with the intervention of different techniques: acrylic, aerosol, magic-marker, collages of heteroclitic elements. The work in volume is conceived from a vintage map of Guadeloupe which traces a topography of confrontation. With regard to this topography, a chronology of the conflict is integrated in the form of collages.The work invites us to stride in the wake of the resistance, its path on a factual and physical dimension with the integration in volume of dismembered bodies, charred projections of flesh with gunpowder impactions; the extreme violence with which the insurgents faced the men of Richepance is palpable. The movements of Ignace and Delgrès' troops become charged with a mental and ideological dimension, notably signified by Delgrès' declaration of May 10th 1802, cited and presented in collage form: « LIVE FREE OR DIE! » its relevance is universal!

This visual installation is complemented by a sound installation composed by Maxime Lenik and interpreted by Yorrick Troman. See link below for their biographies (French only, English soon available)

Continue reading for more upcoming events of "Vivre Libre ou Mourir" and Shuck One's biography

Visual installation of Shuck One "L'histoire en Marche"
Visual installation of Shuck One "L'histoire en Marche"

Visual installation of Shuck One "L'histoire en Marche"

This work will continually be evolving and the project will be presented in a number of cities across the world.

Next dates will be on the 21st October 2018 at the Memorial ACTe in Point-à-Pitre to commemorate the 21st October 1801 when Louis Delgrès, French army battalion chief, led the rebellion in Guadeloupe, alongside Joseph Ignace, against the Napoleonic troops of general Richepance sent to restore slavery on the island, which concluded with the famous cry of Louis Delgrès "Live Free or Die", who preferred to commit suicide, along with his 300 men, rather than surrender.

The event at the Memorial ACTe in Guadeloupe will journey through these tragic events supported by the visual display of Shuck One and the sound installation by Maxime Lenik, followed by a discussion.

More dates to come in 2019. Stay tuned!

Continue reading for more info on the visual, street art artist and activist Shuck One

LIVE FREE OR DIE!! From Pointe à Pitre, to Unesco and beyond...

Biography of Shuck One

Born in Pointe-A-Pitre in 1970, Shuck One moved to Paris at the age of 14 years old, where he immediately joined the emerging Hip Hop movement. The walls and the undeground arteries of the city became his principle medium of expression. Among the most active members of DCM (Da Criminal Minded), he reigned over 3 metro lines and led some of the first descents into the Parisian train stations from 1987 to 1989, which would have been classed at the time as acts of vandalism.

In 1989, with two friends, Banga and Bobo, they founded the collective "Basalt, mural expression" which actively participated in writing a new page in the history of French graffiti art until 1994, soon after he began to focus on using canvas and on developing a formal and abstract style as his unique form of expression. His works became permanent and got included in public and private collections all over the world.

Shuck One participated in the exhibit Graffiti Art, American and French, 1981-1991, at the Musée National des monuments historiques, in 1991, and TAG, at the Grand Palais, in 2009 to name but a few.

For more info on Shuck One, see link below

Caro Sika with Shuck One on the left and Emily Gonneau on the rightCaro Sika with Shuck One on the left and Emily Gonneau on the right

Caro Sika with Shuck One on the left and Emily Gonneau on the right

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Faustin Linyekula When Congo Politics meet Art IN SEARCH OF DINOZORD

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Photo Credit: Lift Festival

Photo Credit: Lift Festival

This piece is hosted by LIFT, London Premier Festival of International Performance, at the Place 17 Duke's Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9PY. See below for Link

In Search of Dinozord is a very intense political piece touching on the violence of the Congo Regime since the years of Sese Seko Mobutu up to now. It is an immersive and intimate experience which gives a face and a voice to Congolese nationals who have fallen in the trap of being statistics, whose sufferings are invisible to the international community.

Different stories are told; one of a friend who no longer is and dreamt to change African litterature; one of Vumi who was emprisonned with other political prisoners in Congo, who escaped and is now referred to, in the piece, as the last seed. "Seed, I am the last". This story is not fictional but real and it is documented with photos projected on stage while actors dance and mourn the absence of their friends, yet refusing to let go of the torn dreams for a better Congo.

Faustin Linyekula starts the journey alone with his face painted in white clay which for the Bantou people is the color of death and the other world. He delves into his childhood memories attempting to make sense of the agony of his people and to resurrect from the ashes hope and a new man.

The dancers from Studios Kabako master the dance technicality of Central Africa in a contemporary fashion, its codes, giving the sense of a continuous flow of life through the circular movement of their hips amongst ruins, violence and loss. It will conclude in a solo piece, fusion of jazz and blues, where the dancer would evolve effortlessly through breakdance and popping into a new man. The powerful Live vocals by the South African singer and actress, Hlengiwe Lushaba, embody the search of meaning and freedom through art of an African nation "once" in chains, desillusioned, forced to adapt and rebuild their lives in a forced exile. She sings from the depths of her soul.

"Where day meets night, agony meets birth"  these words can be read on the screen.

As Faustin Linyekula and Vumi would conclude in the talk following the piece, "Congo is an open market for everyone and it belongs to multinational companies today. It is convenient to keep Congo as a war zone and messy so that they can get cheap minerals. We should all be concerned...

The last performance in London is tonight at the Place, not to be missed.

Faustin Linyekula, Studios Kabako and Caro Sika

Faustin Linyekula, Studios Kabako and Caro Sika

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